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Tuesdays: Grades 4 to 8

Art through the ages, Part II/III - Art through the ages - Art Nouveau (Gustav Klimt), Expressionism (Franz Marc), Cubist (Pablo Picasso), and Surrealism (Rene' Magritte)          

  • Elements of pattern in multi-media
  • Geometric shapes as inspiration through collage
  • Applying texture to a piece of art from found objects esp. on 3-D objects
  • How scale and perspective work in art
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Wednesdays: Grades K to 3

Storybook Art Spring - The inspiring outdoor world finds its way to canvas, clay and paper.  Some examples for our art this session include the following:

  • " Peter Cottontail" - Learn to draw a bunny with embellishments
  •  Ceramic Bunny Bowl- Use natural clay to make a textured colorful food safe bowl
  • "Spring has Sprung" - Create a paper cutout collage using texture tools learning
  • "The Tiny Seed" -  Explore chalk pastels in a larger than life sunflower