" Follow your heart, " says Christine Soriano-Schweitzer, founder of Artrageous.  She epitomizes the creative spirit that dwells within all of us.    Always leading the way in her career as a former professional graphic artist, designer and illustrator,   it led her from an educational background in architecture to the wonderful world of art.

Born Christine Ann Torres Soriano to 2 Filipino parents, there is nothing short of blessed when her parents immigrated to the United States in 1965.   She is the oldest of 4.  Art contests, art shows and countless hours experimenting with unconventional materials to paint on became the foundation of a lifelong passion of art. Famous museums in Europe through photographs and sketches and ethnic artisan works deeply impacted her.

Living in Michigan, New York, Florida, Texas and now Georgia, she met many people along the way gathering cultural exchanges which formed her natural imprint of collective arsenal of ideas.

The biggest catalyst in her life was working for Out of the Box Art Studio for 10 years.  It led her to teach at several venues in the North Atlanta area, and still employed by OOTB teaching at summer camps and private parties.  Discovering new painting ideas on canvas, wood, walls and furniture both new and gently used is something you will find her exploring during the weekends.  She also enjoys documenting her life through scrapbooks both traditional and digital.

Her natural affinity to be resourceful and imaginative drew her to various leadership roles in her community.  Within 20 years, she held several officer positions in local organizations including her church, community, PTA/PTO, and girl scouts. Leadership has brought her great joy as does inspiring young minds in the 12 years of teaching art.  It is her passion to bring the joy of art to anyone who wants to learn how.

Christine lives with her husband of 22 years, 2 daughters ages 18 and 15 along with Willow their bunny, and 12 fish.